Litigating Against a Caribbean Medical School

A medical education and degree, and the rewarding medical practice that follows, are great privileges in which medical students invest plenty of time, trouble, and tuition. The challenges and rewards of earning a medical degree from a Caribbean medical school rather than a mainland U.S. school are similar. Caribbean medical schools are generally highly credible institutions with proud alumni and traditions. Those schools have graduated many highly skilled and highly successful alumni by meeting all their educational promises and commitments. Studying medicine in a Caribbean climate has its own distinct rewards.

Trouble in Paradise

Unfortunately, some students at Caribbean medical schools find trouble in paradise. On rare occasion, students are their own source of trouble. Students bring their own challenges to medical school, whether addictions, bad finances, or bad character. Students can also develop bad habits or commit bad acts while in medical school. On other occasions, trouble just finds the medical student. Crimes, injuries, and illnesses happen to the best of students who have exhibited the best of study habits and disciplines.

In those instances where students are, one way or another, facing serious trouble, a sound medical school, through its committed officials, may still help the struggling student. The medical school may have informal ways of helping the student address personal issues, whether by voluntary counseling, treatment, or term withdrawal. Sometimes, all it takes to preserve the student's ability to continue in the medical program is some creative thinking and early advocacy before a problem gets out of hand.

If, on the other hand, the student's conduct implicated academic or misconduct policies, triggering a disciplinary proceeding, the school's policies and procedures, when fairly applied, may still provide the student with appropriate relief. Medical schools generally prefer to graduate rather than dismiss students. And even when a medical school may prefer to dismiss a student given all the circumstances, the school's promises, policies, and procedures may give the student certain rights to proceed with the education.

If you face dismissal at your Caribbean medical school and need an effective advocate to help you preserve your opportunity to continue, then retain national academic attorney Joseph D. Lento. Attorney Lento has helped hundreds of college and university students nationwide to avoid suspension and dismissal. Usually, that effective work involves advocating with school officials. But on occasion, it involves taking the school to court. If you are unable to proceed with your medical education at your Caribbean school, promptly retain an expert academic attorney who knows the options. Attorney Lento can advocate effectively with your school's officials or, if necessary, take your school to court. Call 888.535.3686 or go online for help now.

Troublesome Schools

Other times, though, the problem is not so much with the student as it is with the school. Colleges and universities, even medical schools including medical schools in a Caribbean paradise, make mistakes. They may charge innocent students with academic or other misconduct that other students committed. Schools may make false or inaccurate transcript entries or unlawful educational or health disclosures. Schools and their instructors can lose or destroy student property or academic work. Surprising and disappointing as it is, the school can also unintentionally permit or even intentionally facilitate discrimination, harassment, bullying, and retaliation. Schools can also cause student injuries and illnesses due to the conditions of the classroom, laboratory, residential, dining, and recreational facilities.

If your Caribbean medical school has created an academic or personal crisis for you, in ways that threaten your ability to continue and complete your medical education, then don't wait to get expert attorney help. When you promptly retain national academic attorney Joseph D. Lento, you may still have the chance to negotiate informal relief. Because he has represented hundreds of college and university students nationwide, including medical students, attorney Lento knows the academic norms, customs, and options for negotiated relief. If your matter is already in a formal administrative proceeding, attorney Lento can use his advocacy skills to best effect. And if your administrative hearing at school has already concluded, attorney Lento may be able to help you find other avenues for relief within the school.

Litigation May Be an Option

If your Caribbean medical school has firmly and finally refused to offer you any relief that would enable you to continue with your medical education, and yet you believe that your school is ignoring your substantial rights, then litigation may be an option. Caribbean medical schools would generally be subject to the laws and courts of their own nation, whether Atlantic University in Antiqua, American University in Aruba or Barbados, or another medical school in another Caribbean nation. Litigating in a local court may be necessary, appropriate, and effective. Yet local attorneys generally lack the substantial academic knowledge and skills necessary in these cases. Instead, retain national academic attorney Joseph D. Lento to associate with local counsel as necessary.

But all Caribbean medical schools also accept U.S. federal funding. And as recipients of federal funding, Caribbean medical schools also owe certain obligations under federal Title IX laws and disability laws, not just their own laws. And several Caribbean medical schools, like Ross University School of Medicine, have U.S. offices. A Caribbean medical school subject to U.S. federal law and having a U.S. office may be subject to jurisdiction in a U.S. court.

The choice of law and jurisdictional issues are complex, but with the help of national academic attorney Joseph D. Lento, you may be able to sue your Caribbean medical school in a U.S. court of justice. If your Caribbean medical school is dismissing or expelling you without relief, keeping you from completing your valuable medical education, then ask attorney Lento to review your case. Don't go down without a fight. You have invested far too much to allow your school to ignore your substantial rights.

Get an Academic Administrative Attorney's Help

All litigation attorneys are not equal. When you need to litigate against a Caribbean medical school, you need an especially skilled and experienced national academic administrative attorney. You need attorney Joseph D. Lento and the expert team at the Lento Law Firm. Attorney Lento has the expertise to negotiate creative relief with your school's officials, if any such relief may be available. He also knows how to turn your school's administrative procedures to their best effect on your behalf. Attorney Lento and his expert team at the Lento Law Firm also have the special skills necessary for academic administrative appeals. And if you have exhausted all internal administrative relief, attorney Lento can help you evaluate whether taking your school to court may get your medical education back on track.

Don't quit on your medical education, and don't entrust your medical education to an attorney who lacks academic experience and skill. Retain national academic administrative attorney Joseph D. Lento and the expert team at the Lento Law Firm now. Call 888.535.3686 or go online for help now.

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