Facing Dismissal From George Washington University

So you got into George Washington University—that's impressive.

It proves you're smart, disciplined, and hard-working. Earning your degree from GWU should be no problem, right?

You know better. Whatever your high school GPA or your SAT scores, you're basically starting over once you get to college. Courses are more rigorous than the classes you took in high school; professors are more demanding. And you won't just be learning to be a student: there's that whole adulting thing to master at the same time. Not everyone handles the transition to college well, and even the brightest minds sometimes find themselves dismissed before they've had a chance to graduate.

In what follows, you'll find information on all the different problems GWU typically students face as well as information on how to defend yourself if you should ever face dismissal from the university. Maybe the most important thing you need to know, though, is how to get help defending yourself. Taking on your school is no easy task, and you don't want to do it all on your own. So, you'll find information on how to do that as well.

Reasons for Dismissal at George Washington University

There are many different reasons why GWU might decide to dismiss you, from buying your freshman comp papers online to downloading pornography onto library computers. In general, though, all these various reasons can be grouped into four basic categories.

  • Academic Performance: Probably the most obvious reason George Washington might dismiss you is for failing to perform academically. After all, you're there to be a student. The school's Academic Standing policy requir