Defense for Title IX Investigations in Idaho

One federal civil rights law is Title IX, which guarantees equal access to higher education, regardless of sexual orientation or gender. However, enforcement of this provision is tied to a school's federal funding, so colleges in Idaho aggressively prosecute all claims of sexual misconduct on their campuses.

If you were the one accused of sexual harassment or assault, your rights can be trampled during the investigation. Having a lawyer as your Title IX advisor can help protect them.

Your Right to a Title IX Advisor in Idaho

If you get accused of sexual misconduct in violation of Title IX, you have a right to an advisor's guidance. Some people appoint a family or faculty member which unfortunately is a major mistake. However, hiring a lawyer comes with huge benefits:

  • They know how to build and present your case during the investigation and hearing
  • They are familiar with adversarial proceedings
  • They have a nuanced understanding of the Title IX investigation process

By appointing a lawyer to be your Title IX advisor, you also send a strong signal to your school that you will be vigorously defending your rights and interests, making them think twice before running roughshod over your rights.

Title IX Investigations Follow Similar Steps

Each college or university in Idaho has its own unique process for investigating and hearing a Title IX case. However, they all follow the same basic steps:

  • The