College Code of Conduct Student Defense Attorney - New York

Students attending colleges and universities in New York are obliged to abide by their school's code of conduct. Actions committed that could possibly constitute a violation of the code of conduct will be penalized through disciplinary action. The outcomes of disciplinary proceedings can be serious, and haunt students fay beyond their college career.

This is why students facing allegations of any disciplinary violation should seek representation from an experienced New York attorney advisor.

Common Code of Conduct Violations

Academic Misconduct

Academic integrity is the center of a thriving learning environment. This is why schools impose regulations for purposes of preserving academic integrity in their institution. If students fail to comply with these rules, they may be accused of committing academic misconduct - an outright violation of a school's code of conduct. There are various forms of academic misconduct. Actions that constitute academic misconduct may include cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, complicity and more.


Schools have different rules concerning alcohol possession and consumption on campus. Some institutions limit alcohol use for students under the age of 21, while others may impose restrictions on on-campus alcohol use regardless of age. At most schools, there will be repercussions for providing alcohol to students who are underage.

Disorderly Conduct

Engaging in conduct that could be characterized as disruptive, lewd, indecent, regardless of intent, is considered disorderly conduct. Any actions that breach the peace the campus community rendered will be labeled disorderly conduct.


Many colleges and universities still have hazing rituals. But these rituals can get out of hand and become a policy violation if it is discovered that they humiliat