Is my life over if I lose my university sexual misconduct case?

Your life is not over if you lose your college sexual misconduct case. If you're at the stage when you can appeal a finding of responsibility, then that step in almost all instances should be taken. You need to have somebody who can most effectively appeal such a matter at the school if you've gone through the process on your own to this point.

There may be potential recourse otherwise, although no path forward is necessarily easy. In some instances, it may be appropriate to pursue a lawsuit against the school. To avoid being in this position, what you want to do is you want to tell your parents day one if this concern arises if you're accused of sexual misconduct.

If you made the regrettable mistake of not doing so, now's not the time to keep going forward alone. Have your parents involved, have an experienced attorney advisor in your corner to help protect your interests and help you make the best informed decisions from this point forward.