What's at Stake if I am Accused of Sexual Assault?

Facing any type of allegation while in college can leave a student feeling intimidated and stressed, regardless of the claims being brought against him or her. However, when the basis of these claims are an offense such as sexual assault, those feelings are immensely magnified. Merely being accused of this act may adversely affect your reputation, your eligibility for the scholarships you worked hard to earn, and your chances of continuing your education. With so much at stake, it's important that you counsel with an attorney who has handled cases just like yours in the past and has resulted in successful outcomes.

Here are a few things that could happen to a student in the event that they are found responsible for a sexual assault on a college campus:

College Career

If you are a college student, chances are you've worked extremely hard to get there. In order to get into a higher education institution, students have to be accepted into these schools, and acceptance doesn't come without a sacrifice. In preparation for college, most students have attended higher education preparatory classes and workshops, did countless hours of homework to keep their grades up in school, and strived to be the best athlete or student they could be to receive athletic and academic scholarships. However, when they finally achieve that goal, everything they worked for can be immediately threatened by an accusation of sexual assault.

Respondents are cast into the whirlwind of chaotic college Title IX processes that vary from school to school. However, it is certain that they all will have to attend a disciplinary hearing, comprised of students and teachers with very no training or specialization in these matters, acting as if they are a prosecutor, judge, and a jury. If these school authorities find that the accused is guilty of the claims made against him or her, they will most likely be facing a suspension or an expulsion depending on the nature of the circumstances.

It's important to note that it doesn't matter whether you had two weeks left of school until graduation or two years of schooling left to complete their education, universities will swiftly punish you in order to display that they are upholding their duties. After all, universities also have a lot at stake. These schools undergo tremendous pressure state and federal governments to quickly investigate, discipline and carry out penalties to students for perceived instances of sexual assault on campus. If these schools are not doing so to the likeliness of government agencies, they could possibly lose all the funding provided to them by the federal government.

Future Opportunities

In circumstances when alleged victims request that offenses are handled by police, and prosecutors choose to take a case, a respondent may be facing criminal charges. If you believe that this is a possibility for you, you should consult with an attorney.

Although operating within the criminal justice system has its perks, such as due process and an impartial process. The penalties are much more impactful than the disciplinary actions a college can provide. And if convicted, you would not only be forced to discontinue your college career, but your freedom could be compromised also. Even after you are penalized, a criminal conviction on your record has lasting effects. It limits future employment opportunities, hinders you from receiving government aid and strips your right to vote. In addition to the restrictions a record imposes, you could also be placed on a sex offender registry, which severely limits housing options and causes society to prompts society to perceive you as a dangerous person.

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