Academic Progression at the University of California, Berkeley

You worked hard, you sacrificed, and you got into UC Berkeley. Your future's set now, right? Not necessarily. Getting into Berkeley is one thing; finishing there is another, and you don't reap the rewards until you've got that diploma in your hands.

Success has to be earned one semester, one year, at a time. There are plenty of stumbling blocks that can get in your way, from missing your calculus final because you wrecked your car to having to sit out a semester because you caught mono.

National Student Defense attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento knows how hard you work, and he wants to help. You might well ask, what can an attorney do for me? I'm a student. Joseph D. Lento built his career helping students, just like you negotiate with faculty and administrators and fight dismissal proceedings. If you're struggling to meet progression requirements at UC Berkeley, he may be able to help you, too.

Academic Progression Requirements at UC Berkeley

To move forward at UC Berkeley, you must remain in “good academic standing.” That means meeting three requirements.

  • First, you must earn—not attempt, but actually earn—at least one letter grade every semester you are enrolled. Withdrawals, Failures, and Incompletes do not count as earned grades.
  • You must also earn at least a 1.5 GPA each semester.
  • Finally, you must earn a 2.0 GPA each year. In other words, while your GPA can fall for one semester, you must achieve a high enough GPA in