A professor accused me of sharing an assignment with another student. What can I do to prove my innocence?

If you're accused of sharing an assignment with another student, it certainly can lead to a charge such as unauthorized collaboration or providing unauthorized assistance. It really depends on the circumstances in terms of whether or not you actually did something improper. If you provided an assignment just to help another student study or to just assist them in some capacity without the intention of the student actually doing anything improper on their end.

It may be a different consideration if you did it with the understanding or knowledge that the student was going to do something improper in terms of maybe copying your assignment. That's a different consideration. It really depends on the circumstances at hand. A collaboration, an unauthorized assistance charge is a serious matter, so it will depend on the facts of the case in terms of what the appropriate response would be to get what would be a, say, good outcome regarding the matter. Having an experienced attorney-advisor in your corner will be your best ally to help you navigate and understand the process as to what's going to be most appropriate moving forward.