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Sex discrimination and assault can be subjects fraught with nuance and hurt. In Arkansas at the university level, there have been suits to determine the judicial process and culpability after an assault. At the high school level, teachers have interacted inappropriately with students.

When your elementary or high school-aged child is accused of a Title IX offense, it's a nightmarish situation. The nightmare increases when it becomes clear that laws such as Title IX are often up for interpretation or state- (and even district-) specific enforcement.

Title IX is a law enacted to protect students from discrimination and assault. Within it is a clause that leads some schools to take the side of the accuser over the accused, which may seem protective and justly conservative. When your child stands accused of alleged sexual misconduct, however, this seems rash and unfair. 

If your child stands accused of a Title IX offense, you must know their rights. Your knowledge and action—up to and including hiring legal expertise—will be vital to protect your child's rights in a system that may naturally afford them very few.

Arkansas High Schools and Title IX Processes

It's often the case that postsecondary institutions have the resources necessary to handle issues of discrimination and assault. However, the high schools similarly required to follow Title IX regulations are often underprepared. They're still required to investigate and act quickly when a student reports an assault or discriminatory action. This lack of resources and preparation juxtaposed with state-incentivized swiftness can result in hackneyed, hastened hearings, and rushed investigation timelines.

In this scenario, it's important to make sure that you're able to intercede on behalf of your student. If they don't get all of the information they're entitled to, the Title IX process may be inherently unfair. An allegation of sexual assault can ruin your student's career before it begins.

The Arkansas Compilation of School Discipline Laws and Regulations details the specific procedures for student discipline, including disciplinary measures and actions meriting discipline. It states that every school needs to communicate these policies to parents and children. It also states that corporal punishment by teachers, as long the teachers perform said punishment according to regulations, is permitted. Fortunately, the most common form of discipline for serious offenses in Arkansas is an out-of-school suspension.

However, out-of-school suspension can still present an unfair and unduly harsh infringement of your student's rights—particularly if your student is innocent. As you navigate the Title IX process, you must pursue a course of action that protects your student from all undue harm. A legal advisor with experience protecting children's interests in Title IX procedures can be of immense help.

Ensuring Your Arkansas School Protects Your Student's Rights 

In Arkansas, every school district must write and enforce a school discipline policy. That policy must include language regarding sexual discrimination and assault, along with clear methods as to correcting inappropriate student behavior. Arkansas in particular has come under fire for unfair school discipline policies; a recent local news story highlighted one school district's propensity to discriminate as to which students received harsher disciplinary measures.

Another report cited the fact that Arkansas has one of the highest rates of exclusionary discipline in America. According to that same report, exclusionary discipline, such as expulsion or suspension, has been widely agreed-upon by pediatric psychologists to be ineffective or harmful to a student's health and later success.

If your school is pursuing rushed or aggressive timelines in a Title IX process against your student, know that Arkansas codes of conduct point to likely suspension if your child is guilty.

Working with Legal Expertise to Shield Your Child from Undue Harm

Working through the murky waters of Arkansas Title IX proceedings and the specific disciplinary processes of your child's school district can be overwhelming. While each unique location may have specific subtleties, there are guiding Title IX regulations that all institutions must follow.

When you're trying to make sense of your Title IX proceedings, take note of the following. These are guidelines which must apply for your case:

  • Your school must document Title IX procedures and make them available to students and families for reference.
  • Your school needs to handle all complaints with impartiality and equity. Your school cannot make assumptions as to guilt or innocence before an investigation.
  • Each interested party may submit testimony and evidence to contribute to the investigation.
  • Your school must conduct and complete the Title IX process within a reasonable time frame.
  • Your school must notify all parties of decisions made immediately, and at the same time. 

If your school has failed to meet any of these fundamental guidelines, it's time for action. Your student has rights during the Title IX process, and protecting them is paramount—and essential for ensuring a fair hearing.

Joseph D. Lento has experience pursuing and protecting the rights of accused students nationwide. He can help make sure that your school treats your student fairly.

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For empathetic and efficient assistance with your child's Title IX procedure, reach out to the Lento Law Firm. Joseph D. Lento is a skilled Title IX Advisor for hearings in Arkansas. For years, he has handled student misconduct, student discipline, and Title IX cases across the nation. Whether your family is facing an investigative process or a formal hearing, he will work hard to ensure your case is successfully resolved.

If you need assistance with your child's Title IX investigation in an Arkansas high school—or anywhere in the USA—call the Lento Law firm immediately. We are available at 888-555-3686. Alternatively, you can contact us by filling out our online form.

Arkansas high schools where Joseph D. Lento can help as your child's student's Title IX advisor during investigations, hearings and appeals include, but are not limited to, the following school districts:


  • Acorn Public Schools
  • Alma School District
  • Alpena School District
  • Alread Public Schools
  • Althemier-Unified School District
  • Altus-Denning School District
  • Arkadelphia Public Schools
  • Armorel Public Schools
  • Ashdown Public Schools
  • Atkins School District
  • Augusta Public Schools


  • Bald Knob Schools
  • Barton-Lexa School District
  • Batesville School District
  • Bauxite Public Schools
  • Bay School District
  • Bearden Schools
  • Beebe Public Schools
  • Benton Public Schools
  • Bergman School District
  • Berryville School District #27
  • Bismarck Public Schools
  • Blevins Public Schools
  • Blytheville School District
  • Booneville School District
  • Bradford Public Schools
  • Bradley School District
  • Brinkley School District
  • Brookland Public Schools
  • Bryant Public Schools
  • Buffalo Island Central School District


  • Cabot Public School District
  • Caddo Hills School District #28
  • Calico Rock Public Schools
  • Camden Fairview School District
  • Carlisle Public Schools
  • Cave City Public Schools
  • Cedar Ridge School District
  • Cedarville Public Schools
  • Centerpoint School District
  • Charleston School District
  • Clarendon Public School District
  • Clarksville Public School System
  • Clay County Central School District
  • Cleveland County School District
  • Clinton School District
  • Concord School District #3
  • Conway Public Schools
  • Corning School District
  • Cossatot River School District
  • Cotter School District
  • County Line School
  • Cross County School District #7
  • Crossett School District
  • Cushman School District
  • Cutter Morning Star Schools


  • Danville Public Schools
  • Dardanelle Public Schools
  • Decatur Public Schools
  • Deer-Mount Judea School District
  • Delight School District
  • DeQueen Public Schools
  • Dermott School District
  • Des Arc Public Schools
  • Dewitt School District
  • Dierks Public Schools
  • Dollarway School District
  • Dover Public Schools
  • Drew Central School District
  • Dumas School District


  • Earle School District
  • East End (Bigelow) School District
  • East Poinsett County School District
  • El Dorado School District
  • Elkins School District
  • Emerson School District
  • England School District
  • Eudora Public Schools
  • Eureka Springs School District


  • Farmington Public Schools
  • Fayetteville Public Schools
  • Flippin School District
  • Fordyce School District
  • Foreman Public Schools
  • Forrest City School District
  • Fort Smith Public Schools
  • Fouke Public Schools
  • Fountain Lake School


  • Genoa Central School District
  • Gentry School District
  • Gillett Public Schools
  • Glen Rose Public Schools
  • Gosnell School District
  • Grady Public Schools
  • Gravette Public Schools
  • Green Forest Public Schools
  • Greenbrier Public Schools
  • Greene County Technical School District
  • Greenland School District
  • Greenwood Public Schools
  • Gurdon School District
  • Guy Perkins School District


  • Hackett Public Schools
  • Hamburg School District
  • Hampton Public Schools
  • Harmony Grove School District (Ouachita and Saline Counties)
  • Harrisburg Unified School District
  • Harrison School District
  • Hartford Public Schools
  • Hatfield School District
  • Hazen School District
  • Heber Springs School District
  • Hector Public Schools
  • Helena-West Helena School District
  • Hermitage School District
  • Highland Public Schools
  • Hillcrest School District
  •   Hope Public Schools
  • Horatio Public Schools
  • Hot Springs Public Schools
  • Hoxie School District
  • Hughes School District #27
  • Humphrey School District
  • Huntsville School District
  • Huttig School District


  • Izard County Consolidated School District


  • Jackson County School District
  • Jasper Public Schools
  • Jessieville School District
  • Jonesboro Public Schools
  • Junction City Schools


  • Kirby School District


  • Lafayette County School District
  • Lake Hamilton School District
  • Lakeside School District
  • Lake View School District #25
  • Lamar School District
  • Lavaca School District
  • Lawrence County School District
  • Lead Hill School District
  • Lee County School District
  • Leslie Public Schools
  • Lewisville Arkansas School District
  • Lincoln Consolidated Schools
  • Little Rock School District
  • Lockesburg Public Schools
  • Lonoke Public School District


  • Magazine School District
  • Magnet Cove Public Schools
  • Magnolia Public Schools
  • Malvern Special School District
  • Mammoth Spring School District
  • Manila School District
  • Mansfield Public Schools
  • Marion School District
  • Marked Tree School District
  • Marmaduke School District
  • Marshall School District
  • Marvell School District
  • Mayflower School District
  • Maynard Public Schools
  • McCrory Public Schools
  • McGehee Public Schools
  • Melbourne School District
  • Mena Public Schools
  • Midland School District
  • Mineral Springs School District
  • Monticello Public Schools
  • Mount Ida Schools
  • Mount Vernon-Enola School District
  • Mountain Home Public Schools
  • Mountain Pine School District
  • Mountain View School District
  • Mountainburg Public Schools
  • Mulberry-Pleasant View Bi County School District


  • Nashville School District
  • Nemo Vista School District #8
  • Nettleton Public Schools
  • Nevada School District
  • Newark Public Schools
  • Newport Public Schools
  • Norfork School District
  • Norphlet Public School
  • North Little Rock School District


  • Oak Ridge Central School District
  • Oden Public Schools
  • Ola Public Schools
  • Omaha School District
  • Osceola Public Schools
  • Ouachita River School District
  • Ouachita School District
  • Ozark Mountain School District
  • Ozark School District


  • Palestine-Wheatley School District
  • Pangburn School District
  • Paragould School District
  • Paris School District #7
  • Parkers Chapel Schools
  • Parkin School District
  • Pea Ridge School District
  • Perryville School District
  • Piggott School District
  • Pine Bluff School District
  • Plainview-Rover School District
  • Pocahontas Public Schools
  • Pottsville Schools
  • Poyen School District
  • Prairie Grove School District
  • Prescott School District
  • Pulaski County Special School District


  • Quitman Public Schools


  • Riverside School District
  • Riverview School District
  • Rison School District
  • Rogers School District
  • Rose Bud School District
  • Russellville School District


  • Salem School District
  • Saratoga Public Schools
  • Scranton School
  • Searcy Public School District
  • Sheridan Public School District
  • Shirley Public Schools
  • Siloam Springs School District
  • Sloan-Hendrix School District
  • Smackover School District #39
  • South Conway County School District
  • South Mississippi County School District
  • Southside School District
  • Spring Hill School District
  • Springdale Public Schools
  • Star City School District
  • Stephens School District #13
  • Strong School District #83
  • Stuttgart Public Schools
  • Sulphur Rock School District
  • Swifton School District


  • Taylor Public Schools
  • Texarkana Arkansas Schools
  • Timbo Public Schools
  • Trumann Public Schools
  • Turrell School District
  • Two Rivers School District


  • Umpire Public Schools


  • Valley Springs School District
  • Valley View School District #58
  • Van Buren School District
  • Vilonia School District
  • Viola School District


  • Waldron School District
  • Walker Public Schools
  • Warren Public Schools
  • Watson Chapel School District
  • West Fork School District
  • West Memphis School District
  • West Side School District
  • Western Yell County Schools
  • Westside Consolidated Schools
  • Westside School District
  • White County Central School District
  • White Hall School District
  • Wickes Public School District
  • Wilburn Public Schools
  • Williford Public Schools
  • Wonderview School District
  • Woodlawn-Rison School District
  • Wynne School District


  • Yellville-Summit School District

It is critical to make certain the Title IX investigation at your child's Arkansas high school is handled properly and that the accused student's interests and rights are protected from as early as possible during the sexual misconduct investigative process.  One major reason is because even at high schools where a finding of responsibility for sexual misconduct charges is made at a hearing, the investigation will set the stage for what the hearing panel is provided prior to a hearing (and what the hearing panel will in large part rely on at a hearing), and at high schools where the finding of responsibility is made solely through the investigative process, what takes place during the investigation itself will determine whether the accused student is found responsible or not responsible for Title IX charges.

Unfortunately, some parents make the mistake of not taking the necessary precautions as soon as possible when accused of sexual misconduct.  Some people will mistakenly believe that if they "just explain what happened," their school will be fair and impartial and will arrive at the truth.  In a perfect world this may be the case, but in a perfect world, sexual misconduct allegations and Title IX charges would not exist.

Fighting passionately for the future of his clients at schools throughout the nation for many years, Joseph D. Lento knows how important it is to mount the strongest defense because he understands that an accused high school student's academic future is on the line. He does not settle for the easiest outcome, and instead prioritizes his clients' needs and well-being. Joseph Lento is a licensed attorney in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York, is admitted as an attorney pro hac vice in state and federal court if needed when representing clients nationwide, and serves as a Title IX attorney advisor to high school students facing sexual misconduct investigations and disciplinary cases in Arkansas and throughout the nation. Make certain your or your student's interests are protected - Contact National High School Title IX Attorney Joseph D. Lento today at 888-535-3686.

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