Facing Dismissal From Harvard University

Every Harvard University student knows both the value of the Harvard education they are pursuing and the time and tuition investment they are making. With its five-percent acceptance rate, top-flight faculty, enormous resources, and long history of famous graduates, Harvard University is among the world's premier educational institutions, if not the preeminent institution. One can hardly find a better school than Harvard from which to graduate. But as a corollary, one can also hardly find a worse school from which to suffer dismissal. Receiving the school's notice that your Harvard education is at risk, and facing a school disciplinary proceeding, can be incredibly daunting, not just because of all that you risk but also because of the peculiar academic administrative customs and procedures. National Student Defense attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento knows those customs and procedures because he has helped hundreds of students successfully avoid dismissal. Retain attorney advisor Lento now for your Harvard education's defense.

Reasons for Dismissal

Harvard University students, like students at other colleges and universities, can face dismissal on several grounds. Academic misconduct, otherwise known as cheating, is a concern at every school but especially schools of such high rank and rigor as Harvard. Those schools must protect their academic reputation. Harvard, like other schools, must also ensure that its students meet satisfactory academic progress requirements, including minimum grade-point averages and percentage of credits completed requirements. Harvard stu