Title IX Attorney to File OCR Complaint in Florida

College disciplinary violations in the state of Florida, particularly those involving sexual misconduct and Title IX, are often pursued by schools with little regard to an accused student's rights. The result is often the same: An allegation of misconduct is rubber stamped into a finding of guilt through a shoddy system of investigation and hearing that cares little for the truth.

Students who have been mistreated by this inadequate system can appeal to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), a federal agency that protects the rights of students. Filing an OCR complaint, however, often takes the skills and knowledge of an attorney to do correctly.

What is the Office for Civil Rights?

The OCR is a federal agency in the Department of Education that protects the rights of students in the U.S. under a handful of federal laws. By submitting a complaint to the OCR, you can urge them to review your case for a violation of your rights. However, the OCR only handles complaints that were submitted within 180 days, and that implicate the rights guaranteed by one of the laws that the OCR enforces.

Investigation Process

If the OCR decides to investigate the complaint, it will notify both the aggrieved student and the university. This investigation is thorough and can involve your personal information, but largely retreads the same steps that your school's investigation took. However, the neutrality of the OCR's investigation makes it completely different.

If your school takes any adve