Medical School - UC Riverside School of Medicine (Riverside, CA)

The University of California, Riverside (UC Riverside, or UCR) is a new entrant within the landscape of medical schools. The UCR School of Medicine's (UCR SOM) inaugural class took its first courses in Fall 2013.

Even before it offered a four-year standalone medical school, UC Riverside partnered with UCLA to provide two years of education to medical students. Students would use those two years at UC Riverside as a launching point for further training at the UCLA School of Medicine.

Upon its establishment as a full-fledged medical school, UC Riverside set forth robust standards for its students' academic performance and ethical behavior. Should you find yourself facing remediation, suspension, dismissal, or other sanctions for any reason, consider hiring an experienced attorney-advisor for much-needed guidance.

UC Riverside School of Medicine Honor Code

All medical students must abide by the UCR School of Medicine Honor Code. This Honor Code sets forth specific expectations for:

  • Academic honesty
  • Patient confidentiality
  • Respect for patients, their families, health care professionals, and others
  • Personal responsibility as a student and/or physician
  • Integrity

The UCR School of Medicine Honor Code holds students to this pledge:

"I will strive to develop and maintain personal honor and integrity as well as compassionate and ethical behavior. It is my responsibility and duty to achieve these ideals. I understand that while the honor code outlines the behavior and ideals that medical students believe to be important; I should strive to progress beyond these guidelines."

As enrollees of a state-funded medical school, UCR SOM students shouldn't only be concerned with integrity issues. They must also be aware that UC Riverside School of Medicine embraces high academic performance standards.

Falling behind or failing to post adequate academic performances could lead to consequences such as dismissal. It's in UCR SOM students' interests to understand how the university handles academic integrity and performance issues and what committees oversee each type of issue.


Within the context of medical school, remediation generally refers to helping academically underperforming students improve their performance outcomes. The UCR School of Medicine Handbook explains that a specific professional committee, the Professionalism Remediation Committee (PRC), oversees necessary remediation cases.

UCR SOM imposes minimum passing scores for certain examinations and instruction "blocks." The UCR SOM Handbook explains the university's initial procedures for remediation:

"Unsatisfactory performance in one block will require remediation of the block. Normally, remediation would occur after the end of the academic year, following a time period of study determined in consultation with the responsible block directors, but with no less than two weeks of study before the re-examination."

The Handbook notes that, should a student fail to achieve a passing grade upon remediation of the instruction block, they will have to repeat the entire academic year. Similarly, a student will have to repeat an academic year (without opportunity for remediation) if they fail to pass two instruction blocks in a single year.

Continue reading to find out how and why an attorney-advisor may help you with a specific instance of remediation.


Expulsion, also referred to as dismissal, is another issue that may face UCR SOM students. Dismissal from medical school may stem from:

  • Continued poor academic performance
  • A violation of the academic honor code
  • A violation of the non-academic honor code

In cases related to poor academic performance, the student may go through the following process:

  1. Receipt of notice of poor academic standing
  2. Attendance of a meeting with the Senior Associate Dean for Education
  3. Attendance at a meeting with the UCR SOM Progress and Promotions Committee (PPC)
  4. Receipt of a decision from the PPC

The meeting with the PPC is a critical step in any case of academic underperformance. This is a student's initial opportunity to plead their case for leniency, argue that they are the victim of unfair grading practices, contest issues of fact, and make any other statements that they deem appropriate.

Without adequate representation, the student could face dismissal for academic issues. They could also be dismissed for alleged violations of the honor code, whether for academic dishonesty or personal conduct.

There are few consequences as severe as dismissal. Expulsion from UCR SOM could:

  • Prevent your acceptance to other medical schools
  • Prevent you from obtaining a medical degree
  • Prevent you from pursuing a career in medicine
  • Submarine your personal and professional dreams
  • Limit your future earning power

These consequences underscore why you should consider hiring Joseph D. Lento to help with academic or conduct issues at UCR SOM.

Appeals at UC Riverside School of Medicine

Students can appeal rulings by the Progress and Promotions Committee (PPC) on the basis of:

  • Procedural error
  • Personal bias
  • Discrimination
  • Specific personal circumstances that explain academic underperformance

The UCR SOM's Faculty Executive Committee (FEC), which appoints the members of the PPC, will review the appeal at its next monthly meeting. Students have the right to bring an attorney-advisor to this critical appeal meeting.

Following a decision by the FEC, you have one further option for appeal with the Dean of the School of Medicine. You will have 15 days from the issuance of the FEC's ruling to submit this written appeal.

Your attorney-advisor can also prepare you for the adjudication and appeals process for any allegation of personal wrongdoing (other than academic underperformance).

Hire Attorney-Advisor Joseph D. Lento to Help

You want to avoid adverse consequences, including the possibility of expulsion, at all costs. Attorney Joseph D. Lento will review your case, gather all pertinent facts, and advise how you should proceed. He will compose a thorough plan for success.

Issues of remediation can be incredibly complicated. While remediation can be a welcomed do-over in some instances, others may see remediation as detrimental to their academic record. If you believe poor academic performance is due to circumstances beyond your control, then Joseph D. Lento can plead your case for a grade change.

Do not allow your future as a medical professional slip away without an adequate defense. Call attorney Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm today at 888-535-3686 to discuss your circumstances. You can also contact us online here.

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