How do I respond to a Title IX investigation in Alabama?

If you're a student at a college or university in Alabama and you're notified that you're subject to a Title IX investigation, the most important consideration is do not talk to the school before you take the necessary precautions. Tell your parents, do not go into an interview with the school without making sure that the precautions are taken. Too much is at stake. Too much is on the line. Unfortunately, schools will often invite an interview with a student, and in the case of faculty members, professors, whatever the case may be, without providing the requisite notice, which is at an accused parties that respondent's tremendous disadvantage.

The necessary precautions have to be taken because so much is at stake and so much is involved with the Title IX case. People will unfortunately go to such initial interviews to speak about the matter without taking the necessary precautions, only to have it cause tremendous consequences, both with respect to the process and the eventual outcome. So most important consideration is do not speak to the school until the necessary precautions are taken.