Rosemont College Title IX Violations

Rosemont College strives to maintain an academic environment free of any instances of sexual misconduct. The College sets forth what behaviors constitute sexual misconduct within its Title IX / Sexual Misconduct Policy. The policy also establishes procedures for what actions will be taken by the College when a student is alleged to have committed acts of sexual misconduct. These policies are similar to those the College will use to resolve incidents pertaining to standard misconduct.

Rosemont College Sexual Misconduct Process

Once a report for a sexual misconduct violation is received by a College official, the College will begin a review of the alleged sexual misconduct to see if the allegations have merit. Throughout the investigation and resolution process, the party that initiates the complaint will be known as the "referring party," while the student facing the accusations will be known as the "referred party." If the allegations are deemed to have merit, the College will take investigative action. Investigations will consist of meeting with the parties or gathering information from them in writing. After facts have been gathered, the referred party will be given an opportunity to accept responsibility for the charges.

Committee on Student Conduct Hearings

If the referred party does not accept responsibility, the matter will move forward to a hearing. The College will assemble the Committee on Student Conduct comprised of members selected for handling sexual misconduct cases. The committee will decide on how the hearing will proceed, however, both parties will, in theory, be granted certain rights throughout the process. Both part