I got into a fight at college. Will the school kick me out?

Unfortunately, if you do get into a fight at college, the consequences can be severe. Any kind of allegation that involves assault or harm to another person or another student, schools will take very seriously. Schools are always looking out for their own interests in a sense of protecting their liabilities. If another student or person gets hurt under their watch on campus or otherwise even off-campus, schools will take sometimes severe action which can include either a long period of suspension or an expulsion or dismissal.

Obviously, you don't want to find yourself in that position where you're getting accused of such misconduct, but if you do, the stakes are high. You should not engage with the school in any capacity unless you take the necessary precautions. An experienced attorney-advisor can help you best understand your rights and can help you understand the process and navigate it best moving forward. They should be involved as early as possible if you're facing such an allegation.