Student Misconduct at American Public University

American Public University is a for-profit university with headquarters in Charles Town, West Virginia. Since 2002, APU has been part of the American Public University System, which provides alternative higher education programs to working adults. To make education more attainable, APU offers competency-based undergraduate degrees. These programs do not rely on traditional credit-hour standards.

Many APU students come from military and public service backgrounds. In comparison to other for-profit schools, APU's tuition and fees are low. The average annual costs are just $7,324, and 89% of enrolled students receive grants or scholarships.

Despite low costs and a wide range of educational programs, APU is not immune to criticism. Like other for-profit schools, APU has low graduation rates. They also received backlash for their competency-based degrees, which often leave students ineligible for federal financial aid.

Many APU students provide thousands of dollars to the university only to face unfair dismissals due to conduct or academic issues. National academic-misconduct attorney advisor Joseph D. Lento is here to educate you on your rights during misconduct procedures. Here's what you need to know about APU's c