Title IX FAQs

New Title IX rules went into effect on August 14, 2020.  Click here to learn about the changes to Title IX and how college sexual misconduct cases will be addressed and adjudicated under the new rules.  Click here to see our video FAQ's about the Title IX Final Rule.

Students and parents often have many questions when faced with a Title IX sexual misconduct case, and that is of course understandable. 

It is unfortunate, however, that colleges and universities in most instances fail to properly inform an accused student of what is involved and what is at stake in such matters, and also fail to recognize and protect an accused student's rights and interests during the process.

Because so much is involved and so much is at stake, taking the necessary steps both as early as possible and at every step of the way is critical to success for an accused student.  college sexual misconduct cases can be won, but only by making the best informed decisions as soon as the concern comes to an accused student's attention. 

With that in mind, the following are frequently asked questions which will help accused students and their parents through what can be the most challenging time in their lives.   Remember that you are not alone, and under no circumstances should you go it alone.

Attorney Joseph D. Lento has helped countless clients facing the same and similar concerns at more than a thousand colleges and universities across the United States and he can help you.  Contact the Lento Law Firm today for help at 888-535-3686.

Title IX Frequently Asked Questions