Student Disability Advisor — Rhode Island

When students with disabilities pursue an education at any level, they will face obstacles any other student will encounter. From fitting in with peers to demanding academic tasks to fulfilling the requirements for graduation, educational programs present many difficulties to overcome. Yet, students with disabilities must contend with applying for and acquiring disability accommodations to assist them through graduation, which is something most other pupils won't confront. While it may seem isolating, students with disabilities shouldn't feel alone. One study says that one in five students enrolled in colleges and universities nationwide has a disability. Regardless of what type of disability a student has—emotional, mental, or physical—laws emanating from state and federal government require schools to offer students reasonable accommodations for qualifying disabilities. Unfortunately, Rhode Island schools sometimes fail to provide legally-required modifications to disabled students, putting their graduation goals at risk. If your K-12 school, institution of higher education, or other educational program refuses to recognize your disability or offer accommodations, contact national education lawyer Joseph D. Lento. He and the Lento Law Firm's Student Defense Team are prepared to fight for your disability rights.

Disabled Student Rights in Rhode Island

Disability Accommodations in Rhode Island

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