Medical Resident Defense Advisor for Louisiana

Value Your Louisiana Medical Residency

As you well know from your own Louisiana medical residency, Louisiana offers many valuable medical residency programs, amounting to well over four hundred residency positions. Those Louisiana medical residency programs include the always popular internal medicine and family medicine specialties as well as other popular programs in pediatrics, emergency medicine, surgery, and psychiatry, plus boutique specialty fields like pathology, physical medicine, and plastic surgery. Louisiana State University, Tulane University, and the Baton Rouge General Medical Center provide most of the residency sites in Louisiana. Completing a medical residency in the historically and culturally rich State of Louisiana is not just a privilege but also a hugely valuable step toward your rewarding career in medicine. Don't let performance, professionalism, or personal issues spoil those rewards. You know the value of your Louisiana medical residency. If you face conduct issues threatening your non-renewal or dismissal from your Louisiana medical residency, promptly retain medical resident defense advisor Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm to help you overcome those issues and complete your Louisiana medical residency.

Facing Louisiana Medical Residency Conduct Issues

No one thinks medical residency is going to be easy. Medical residencies in Louisiana and elsewhere must appropriately challenge residents to ensure their pr