National Law Student Attorney Advisor

Attending law school requires an incredible commitment of time, energy, and effort – not to mention money for tuition and years of your life spent striving just to get here. After pouring your heart and soul into achieving your goal of becoming an attorney, it would be a tragedy for all of your hard work to go to waste because of an unjust and unfounded disciplinary proceeding.

Law students may find themselves in many situations that have serious consequences, including accusations of academic misconduct, Title IX charges, and even legal consequences or dismissal from an institution. Especially if you've been unfairly accused, the possibility of punitive actions damaging your fledgling legal career is extremely frustrating. That's why you need to know your rights as a law student and fight to protect them.

Student Disciplinary Issues for Law Students

Law students face many challenges that extend beyond grades and exams. Enmeshed in a competitive, cutthroat environment where every student wants to claw their way to the top of the class and acquire the best opportunities, law students may find themselves in situations that can easily breed conflict and other more serious issues. Many law students can unexpectedly find themselves facing academic concerns, allegations of misconduct, professional challenges, or even sexual harassment claims.

Facing groundless allegations can make the already difficult life of a law student even more crushing – and may even damage their hard-earned future. Some of the more severe concerns facing today's law students may include: