Title IX Advisor for Hearings in Indiana

Colleges and universities are required to investigate allegations that a student has violated federal Title IX guidelines. The campus administrators take these violations, such as those involving sexual misconduct, seriously. A campus disciplinary hearing is one key step in the disciplinary process where the accused will have an opportunity to refute these claims. The designated campus staff is supposed to ensure the rights of all parties are protected; however, sometimes those accused find that this does not occur. The sanctions and penalties that may potentially be imposed can be harsh. Students facing such allegations should strongly consider consulting with legal counsel. Joseph D. Lento is a seasoned attorney that will aggressively defend the accused.

What is Title IX?

Educational institutions that fail to properly comply with Title IX may risk losing access to federal education funds. Incidents reported that involve sexual harassment, assault, or other related forms of misconduct are to be promptly investigated by designated members of the campus administration. If their investigation reveals that the allegations have merit, the institution will begin their established disciplinary procedures. Federal oversight of Title IX is conducted by the Office for Civil Rights--a part of the U.S. Department of Education.

Title IX Procedural Expectations

Colleges and universities have some latitude in how they structure their Title IX disciplinary process. There are some guidelines that must be adhered to as follows:

  • Policies are to be implemented in writing and accessible to