What Charges/Crimes do you Need an Attorney for?

When a student is accused of violating their school's code of conduct, some of these charges may encounter two different areas: their college or university's disciplinary hearings, and the law. In serious cases when criminal charges are likely, a student needs the assistance of an attorney to help protect their rights.

Common Criminal Charges Acquired by Students on College and University Campuses

Here are some of the most common criminal charges and offenses that students may face in a college environment:

Underage drinking: In college, students may find themselves in situations when they have the decision to drink alcohol when under the legal age of 21. Although most students aren't criminally charged with this crime, schools will impose disciplinary actions against students who are caught doing so. Students have been known to be suspended or expelled (if a student is caught on several occasions) for underage drinking.

Drug crimes: Although illegal drugs do often make an appearance on college campuses during parties or in dorms, the vast majority of schools prohibit students from possessing and using them on school property. Students who are caught committing such actions may be subject to administrative action by school authorities or pinned with criminal charges.

Theft: When a student has