University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine

Since its initial founding in 1965, the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine (MCOM) has emerged as one of the top 50 medical schools in the nation. A leading hub for medical research, the school is home to one of the largest Alzheimer's centers in the world, as well as a diabetes enter and a center for cancer research. MCOM is highly selective in its admissions process, accepting only about 4 percent of applicants each year.

At any medical school, but especially at MCOM, the stakes are high for any student seeking a career in medicine. The curriculum is intense, the academic standards are high, and a pristine school record is essential for potential career advancement. For this reason, when a medical student faces dismissal or disciplinary action on allegations of academic or professional misconduct, it can have profound repercussions on that student's career prospects. An attorney advisor can provide needed guidance and support to ensure that medical students in this situation are afforded every opportunity to clear their names and save their careers.

Values, Student Conduct and Code of Honor

MCOM underscores its expectations for student behavior and performance with its stated values, which are:

  • High standards
  • Respect for individuals
  • Advancing knowledge
  • Personal development and leadership
  • Commitment to health

Medical students are also expected to abide by the school's Code of Honor based on the four ideals of Self-Discipline, Judgment, Conscience, and Personal Responsibility.

Alleged violations of academi