How do I appeal a Title IX case in Arkansas?

To best understand how to appeal a Title IX case in Arkansas. It's best to have a brief understanding of what Title IX is. Title IX is a federal civil rights law that's intended in part to prevent and address campus sexual misconduct. At almost all schools across Arkansas, this student or faculty member, that is, would be limited to certain grounds that are, say, expressing the school's policies in terms of when an appeal becomes necessary. Often, those grounds are limited, for example, new evidence becoming available or a disproportionate sanction where, say, the accused party, the respondent, would argue that the sanction is too severe, say, despite the finding of responsibility, that is. Procedural defect or error is another appealable ground where, for example, if certain matters or if certain things took place during the case itself or certain or if there are certain failings on the school's part, that could be argued in a Title IX appeal when necessary in Arkansas. The most important step that a person can take is to make sure that they have the help and the experience of a Title IX attorney adviser when appealing a case in Arkansas.