Moravian College Title IX Violations

Moravian College handles instances of sexual misconduct that arise within its student body with utmost seriousness. The College upholds a policy against all forms of sexual misconduct within its Student Code of Conduct. The policy defines what actions constitute sexual misconduct, and what actions the College will take to resolve allegations of these behaviors. These processes are similar to those used by the College to resolve instances of standard misconduct, however, special measures will apply due to the nature of these allegations.

Moravian College Sexual Misconduct Process

Once a report of a potential violation of the Code of Conduct is received by the College, the appropriate authority will begin an investigation into the alleged incident. For incidents of sexual misconduct, the Title IX Coordinator, or specially appointed investigators, will investigate the incident. Throughout the investigation and the overall resolution process, the student that files a complaint will be known as the "complainant," while the student facing the allegations will be known as the "respondent." At times, the College may impose certain interim actions on respondents who are deemed to be a threat to the College community as a whole. These actions can include immediate suspension, depending on the severity of the incident. After an investigation has concluded, the Title IX Coordinator will decide if there is reasonable cause to make formal allegations against the respondent.

Discipline Review Committee Hearings

Once formal allegations are made, the Title IX Coordinator will assemble a Discipline Review Committee to hear and decide upon the case. Hearings are directed by the Director of Student Development or an appropriate designee. Hearings will begin with the director reading the allegations against the accused student. The complainant will then make an opening statement, and will thereafter be questioned by the committee members. The respondent will then make their own opening statement, and will thereafter also be subjected to questioning from the committee. Following this stage of the hearing, the College will begin the witness presentation phase, with all witnesses subject to questioning by both parties and the committee. The committee will be given a time period for final questions, and both parties will make their closing statements. Once this happens, the hearing will close and the committee will deliberate. Decisions will be made using the standard of "more likely than not."

At hearings for incidents of sexual misconduct, students are entitled to the presence of an advisor of their own choosing. Sexual misconduct allegations can carry serious consequences that will follow a student throughout their professional and academic careers. For this reason, it is critical that accused students select an attorney to serve as their advisor. An attorney can assist students with cross-examination of witnesses, constructing effective arguments, and ensuring that their rights are protected throughout the process. An attorney can also ensure that the integrity of the College's Title IX investigation, and any meetings or hearings on the matter, is upheld. In addition, if any additional consequences result from the initial allegations at Moravian College, an attorney can serve as an accused student's legal guide.

Appeals at Moravian College

If a hearing results in an unfavorable outcome, students may make an appeal. Appeals must be received by 4 PM on the 7th calendar day after the outcome letter is delivered. Appeals must be on the grounds of procedural error, new information, or disproportionate sanctions.

If you or your student is currently facing sexual misconduct allegations or Title IX charges at Moravian College, contact attorney Joseph D. Lento today.