How do I prepare for a Title IX hearing in Minnesota?

If you're a student at a college or university of Minnesota, and you're facing a Title IX hearing, it's necessary to take critical steps in advance of the hearing itself. At a given time, a school will present an investigation report before it's finalized, it needs to be responded to as strongly and as effectively as possible. It may have to include text messages, social media posts, witness statements, pictures, videos, a toxicology report if consent is an issue, a polygraph examination, a forensic evaluation, all necessary documentation and information and evidence needs to be included in that final investigation report because it's presented to the panel before the hearing even takes place and the panel has a strong sense of the case. At the hearing, all witnesses would need to be prepared in advance. The accuser, the accused, their witnesses, questions need to be prepared for them. The opening and closing statement would need to be prepared in advance of the hearing. The panel itself would have to be considered for bias or potential conflict. Many steps have to be taken to have a favorable outcome at a Title IX hearing and an attorney advisor can help.