Albright College Title IX Violations

Albright College takes instances of sexual misconduct that arise within its student body very seriously. The College outlines the process used for administering discipline in these cases in the Compass, the College's student handbook. The College will utilize a process that mirrors the one used for instances of standard misconduct, however, special measures will apply for sexual misconduct cases. In addition, the sanctions and related consequences faced by students in sexual misconduct cases are often much more severe.

Albright College Sexual Misconduct Process

When a student makes a claim of a sexual misconduct violation, the College will begin the Student Conduct Process. During the process, the student who files the complaint will be known as "complainant," while the student who faces allegations will be known as the "respondent." The College's Office of Community Standards will first consider whether or not the respondent poses any potential threat to either the complainant or the College community, and may consider implementing certain measures to protect the investigation or the College community; such measures can include, for example, housing relocation, a change of class schedule, and/or an interim suspension.

Informational Meeting

An informational meeting is a brief, mandatory meeting with the respondent that is meant to inform them of the charges they face and the community standards process overall. Respondents will also be given access to the information that will be presented against them regarding the Title IX charges themselves.


Hearings will be held in front of a specific Conduct Board chosen to handl