Drew University Academic Misconduct Disciplinary Procedures

Drew University is a small liberal arts college of 1,500 located on a large and wooded campus in Madison, New Jersey. The school, which is affiliated with the United Methodist faith, offers undergraduate degrees in liberal arts disciplines as well as theological degrees in its seminary. There is also a large graduate program of around 700 additional students.

Like all accredited universities in the U.S., Drew University takes academic honesty very seriously, and heavily sanctions students who commit academic misconduct like plagiarism or other kinds of cheating. Drew University's academic policy, which outlines its definitions of academic misconduct and how the school investigates allegations, can be found in its online Academic Catalog. Because the sanctions for violating this policy can be severe and can tarnish your academic record at the very time you need it most—when you are first venturing into the professional world—it can be worthwhile to have an attorney defend you against allegations of academic misconduct.

Investigation of an Allegation of Academic Misconduct

Instructors or other students bear the responsibility for reporting potential instances of academic misconduct. When it is an instructor who suspects that a violation of the academic policy has occurred, he or she is responsible for reporting the suspicion to the Dean of the College. When it is a student who suspects a violation has occurred, the student reports the incident to the instructor, who then notifies the Dean of the College if they think the allegation carries weight.

When the allegation is for a minor violation and it would be the student's first offense against the academic policy,