Education Lawyer and Student Defense Advisor – Cape Coral, Ft. Myers, FL

If your Cape Coral or Ft. Myers student is in trouble with their K-12 school, college, or university, it can be difficult to know where to turn. After all, you might have spent years investing in your school community. You might feel like your school's teachers and administrators are your primary resources in an academic crisis — which can make suddenly being in an adversarial position with your school all the more upsetting.

What's even more upsetting, though, are the potential long-term consequences for your student if your school decides to slap them with an unfair sanction.

Did you know that even if your school doesn't create an explicit disciplinary record detailing every single dispute your student ever had with your school, future employers and prospective colleges will still be able to tell that your student received a suspension?

It's true — and it's also true that if a future admissions board is able to look at your student's transcript and figure out that your student was involved in disciplinary processes, that admissions board will probably decide not to consider your student as a viable candidate.

You've worked too hard to let allegations of misconduct or other academic issues and concerns stand in the way of your student's success. You need to make sure that your school treats your student fairly, and that your student has access to every possible strategy if they're in a tricky position with their school.

That's why you need to speak with Joseph D. Lento. Joseph D. Lento is an education and student defense attorney-advisor with years of experience helping students at Cape Coral and Ft. Myers schools succeed. Call up the Lento Law Firm today and he can start supporting your student'