Dental Student Misconduct: Falsifying Clinical Hours

Dental Students Face Challenges

No sugar coating it: dental students face significant challenges. No professional program is easy, but dental education and training are especially arduous. A study published in the National Library of Medicine found that from one-half to three-quarters of dental students struggle with completing long exams, grasping lecture content, maintaining grades, and managing patient care. The American Dental Education Association lists perseverance as the top dental school demand, saying graduating from dental school isn't a matter of how smart you are but how hard you are willing to work. The Association acknowledges that dental students can feel overwhelmed and discouraged by program demands and negative feedback. Dental school is no cakewalk. And misconduct charges can make the challenges of dental school even more overwhelming. Get the help you need. Retain national school discipline defense attorney advisor Joseph D. Lento if you face dental school disciplinary charges for falsifying clinical hours or other misconduct.

Falsifying Dental Clinical Hours

The pressures of dental school can tempt students to falsify clinical hours. Dental programs know the pressures and the temptations. A