Student Defense: Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine (MWUCCOM)

The Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine is a private medical school established in 1900. It is one of the oldest osteopathic medical schools in Illinois and among its most well-known. MWUCCOM isn't just for students in Illinois, however. It accounts for 13% of osteopathic medical doctors in the US. The college emphasizes patient-centric care by training its students to work with interdisciplinary teams. Additionally, the college enjoys multiple affiliations with hospitals throughout Illinois, with residency training in various disciplines. Students who graduate from MWUCCOM have many career opportunities to choose from upon graduation. However, they must avoid academic or professional concerns that jeopardize their chances of success.

If you are an osteopathic medical student at MWUCCOM, you're on the way to becoming a doctor in a few years. However, it's not a secret that medical school is competitive and rigorous. Despite their best intentions, students may make mistakes or experience a lapse in judgment that leads to issues. The possibility of sanctions for these issues is high, especially for repeated offenses or egregious violations. In other cases, students may not experience professionalism issues but do lag behind academically, which is just as serious an offense. Without the guidance of an attorney-advisor, osteopathic medical students at MWUCCOM face sanctions that delay their graduation or lead to permanent dismissal.

Professionalism Policy at MWUCCOM

The Code of Rights and Responsibilities of Students of Midwestern University describes the professional behavior expected of students in all academic settings. According to the student handbook and code of conduct, students must demonstrate legal, moral, and ethical standards befitting their future professions as osteopathic doctors. Going against the code and the principles of the college comes with multiple repercussions, including a warning, temporary dismissal, or expulsion.

Due to its long and prestigious history, it's no secret that MWUCCOM strives to maintain a level playing field for all its students and its reputation. However, while these precautions and expectations are commendable, they also pose risks for accused students who did not commit wrongdoing. Whether the issue is a mistake or lapse in judgment, every student deserves the chance to defend themselves against accusations that have a damaging effect on their education and career. With the help of an attorney-advisor, students are more likely to receive a fair case outcome when they face allegations of unprofessionalism.

Remediation and Academic Issues

Students facing academic difficulty may request tutoring at MWUCCOM to improve their performance. The tutoring program is only available for students who are failing. Once a student's test scores improve, they will no longer be eligible for tutoring assistance. These services are not a substitute for a student attending courses. Even if someone demonstrates outstanding professional and ethical behavior, failure to perform well or succeed in one's academic endeavors may lead to dismissal from the college.

Although remediation and tutoring may be burdensome for some students, they are necessary to progress to the next phase of their training. In some cases, however, a student's performance falters due to extraordinary circumstances or too much pressure. In such instances, the guidance of an attorney-advisor is necessary to negotiate a better outcome for the student.

Consequences of Permanent Dismissal

Although a suspension is a significant issue, students can continue their program at the minimum level despite the unwanted delays. A permanent release is only for severe offenses, chronic academic failure, or repeated violations. It is permanent dismissal that severely affects the student's career path and chances of becoming an osteopathic doctor. In rare cases, a student may face expulsion due to a misunderstanding or a lack of a defense strategy despite their innocence. Unfortunately, this sanction comes with heavy repercussions, among them:

  • Inability to find another osteopathic medical school that accepts them
  • Having to start over in a different program if they manage to find a new medical school
  • Reputation damage that affects their educational path and their careers after graduation
  • Loss of time and effort as they navigate a new process at a different college
  • Loss of privileges, housing, scholarships, and residency placements
  • Significant financial burdens resulting from unexpected expenses
  • Loss of morale and enthusiasm for osteopathic medicine, forcing them to take on a new major

Due to the many issues an expelled student can experience, it's essential to work with an attorney-advisor as soon as they learn of the allegations. The sooner a student reaches out to a professional specializing in student defense, the more likely they will experience a favorable case outcome.

What to Do When You're Accused

Suppose you face accusations of professional or academic issues at MWUCCOM. In that case, you still have options to defend yourself and decrease the likelihood of a negative case outcome. As soon as you receive notice of the allegations, take the following steps:

  • Refrain from talking about the issue to anyone besides a trusted attorney-advisor
  • Remain calm and collected, avoiding anger and outbursts that exacerbate your issue
  • Gather information and evidence that you can present to the panel
  • Ask professionals who can vouch for your character to provide you with references
  • Do not post anything about your case on social media
  • Contact an attorney-advisor who specializes in student defense

The sooner you take action and work with a professional, the less likely you'll face an expulsion that upends your life and future as an osteopathic doctor.

Contacting an Attorney-Advisor

Attending osteopathic medical school comes with a significant amount of pressure. When you face allegations of professional or academic issues, every action you take affects your case outcome. For the best possible chances of success, you need to work with a professional who works with students nationwide to help negotiate a fair result with your panel.

Attorney-Advisor Joseph D. Lento specializes in student defense. With years of experience tackling unique and challenging cases, Advisor Lento understands what's at stake and guides students during this difficult time.

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