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The Chattanooga metropolitan area is a charming place to attend school at any level, from elementary or secondary school through college or the university and on to graduate school. But the region's charm is no guarantee that school will be easy, orderly, and predictable. On the contrary, students everywhere tend to face challenges. Some challenges the schools intend to ensure growth and learning, while other challenges can arise from a student's illness or injury, family issues, or other personal and relational issues. Chattanooga area schools, like schools elsewhere, maintain student conduct codes and academic standards that students must generally meet to progress in their education. If you or your student face misconduct, academic progression, or other issues threatening Chattanooga area school discipline, suspension, or dismissal, retain premier school discipline defense attorney advisor Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm's Student Defense Team to represent you. Hundreds of students nationwide can credit attorney advisor Lento and the Lento Law Firm team for their successful school defense.

The Chattanooga Metropolitan Area

The beautiful, temperate, and mountainous Chattanooga metropolitan area consists of three Tennessee counties and three counties in northwest Georgia. Adjacent metropolitan statistical areas in Cleveland and Athens add to the greater metropolitan Chattanooga population, at well over a half million residents. The Chattanooga area has per capita income just below the national average but a poverty rate also just below the national average, indicating the area's relative economic health, if not special wealth. Married couples make up about sixty percent of Chattanooga households, significantly higher than the national average at just below fifty percent, suggesting the area population's relative maturity and stability. Housing in the Chattanooga area costs well below the national average but right around the statewide Tennessee average, indicating the area's affordability. About the same percentage of Chattanooga area residents have completed high school as the ninety percent national average, while less than a third of area residents hold a college degree or higher, below the national average. Chattanooga lies about equidistant from both Atlanta and Knoxville, each more than two hours' drive away, increasing the area's sense of relative independence and tranquility. Chattanooga is indeed a charming area to attend school.

Chattanooga Metropolitan Area Student Issues

Students attending Chattanooga metropolitan area schools have some advantages that students in other areas don't have, with more affordable housing, better roadways and transportation, and outdoor hang gliding, mountain climbing, river rafting, bass fishing, and cave exploration opportunities. But natural charms don't solve school problems. Chattanooga area school districts, like the Hamilton County School District covering the city of Chattanooga, and Chattanooga area colleges and universities, like the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, maintain student codes of conduct governing student academic, personal, and other behaviors. When Chattanooga area students suffer illness or injury, fall behind in their studies for other reasons, or get drawn into personal or academic misconduct allegations, they can face school discipline, suspension, or dismissal, just like students elsewhere. If you or your student faces disciplinary proceedings threatening a Chattanooga area education, retain premier school discipline defense attorney advisor Joseph D. Lento for the best possible outcome.

Chattanooga Metropolitan Area Schools

Chattanooga Area Public High Schools

The Chattanooga metropolitan area property prides itself on the high quality and program diversity of its high schools. Hamilton County alone offers top-ranked high schools, including Chattanooga High School Center for the Creative Arts, STEM School Chattanooga, Chattanooga School for the Arts & Sciences, East Hamilton School, and Signal Mountain Middle/High School. The Bradley County School District offers the highly ranked Walker Valley High School, while the Catoosa County Schools offer the highly ranked Heritage High School. These and other prominent area high schools confirm the high quality and great value of a Chattanooga metropolitan area secondary education. They also confirm the prevalence of disciplinary codes like the Hamilton County Code of Acceptable Behavior & Discipline. Retain national school discipline defense attorney advisor Joseph D. Lento if your student faces misconduct or other charges under any such school standards or code. Preserve the value of your student's Chattanooga area high school education.

Chattanooga Area Private High Schools

The Chattanooga metropolitan area also offers several highly attractive private high schools and private preparatory schools. Those schools include McCallie School, Baylor School, Girls Preparatory School, Notre Dame High School, and Chattanooga Christian School, all in Chattanooga, Collegedale Academy in Collegedale, and Christian Heritage School in Dalton. Those private high schools generally maintain high student standards enforced by rules like the honor code at McCallie School and the similar honor code at Baylor School. Parents sending their students to one of Chattanooga's several prominent private high schools know the substantial value of private school education. Premier school discipline defense attorney advisor Joseph D. Lento is available to represent your student at one of those schools relating to misconduct or other disciplinary charges.

Chattanooga Area Colleges and Universities

The Chattanooga metropolitan area offers several outstanding public and private colleges and universities. Prominent among those schools is the Chattanooga campus of the state's flagship University of Tennessee. But the area also offers the top-ranked Covenant College and highly ranked Lee University, Tennessee Temple University, and Southern Adventist University. The Chattanooga metropolitan area also offers two-year college experiences at Cleveland State Community College and Chattanooga State Technical Community College for lower-cost, more flexible, and accessible higher education. These colleges and universities maintain academic honor codes and student codes of conduct at least as detailed as, or significantly more comprehensive than, many of the area high schools. The Student Code of Conduct and