Education Attorney-Advisor – Springfield, Northampton, Deerfield

Education is a civil right. Still, students in primary levels through graduate programming are expected, as part of their admission to and good standing in their academic institution, to perform and behave according to standards set forth by their schools.

At times their experience may require support and guidance beyond what their support network or family can reasonably provide. There are instances in which professional legal guidance from an attorney advisor may lessen the stress brought on by these situations and expedite a resolution, helping the student recover and move forward in good standing with their school.

Most students want to be pushed in their academic experience – to face rigor, depth, and high expectations, helping them strive for levels of critical thinking, intellectual sophistication, and performance perhaps not otherwise expected of them.

Yet the demands placed on students must be reasonable and nimble in their adaptability to a student's changing life experiences. Especially in these unprecedented and unpredictable times, schools must not be so rigid as to extinguish a student's promise and potential if life circumstances make meeting academic challenges temporarily untenable.

Students who are facing the consequences for conduct or performance issues, including suspension or expulsion, and who believe they are being unfairly treated by their school should not give up hope. In these circumstances, it is prudent for a student, or a student's family, to consider seeking the services of a highly qualified education attorney-advisor. Joseph D. Lento and