College Sexual Misconduct Advisor - Yale University - Title IX Violations

Is your child facing allegations of sexual misconduct at Yale University? If so, this can be an incredibly scary and confusing time. Your entire family worked hard for years to ensure that your student had the chance to study at Yale - and, now, it seems that one alleged incident might bring all of that effort tumbling to the ground.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way.

Yale University takes sexual misconduct extremely seriously. However, if you work with a legal advisor with experience in this field, you'll be able to navigate due process, build a strong case for your student's innocence, and work towards a favorable outcome.

Don't let your student's past affect their bright future. Take steps now to protect your student's rights during sexual misconduct adjudication procedures at Yale University.

Updates to Title IX Policies at Yale University

In mid-2020, the United States government released updates to Title IX, a federal law that had previously provided a framework for US universities to handle sexual misconduct cases. Many academic institutions responded to this update by slightly updating their policies while emphasizing that they would always work to keep their students safe.

Yale is one such institution. A Yale News piece from August 12, 2020 states that, while some procedures would change, the heart of Yale's sexual misconduct policy would remain the same. According to the piece, the updates Yale made did not affect any of the following:

  • Yale's standard for affirmative consent