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Nursing Student Discipline Defense and Student Rights:

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Whether academic or otherwise, allegations of misconduct can have a lasting impact on a nurse's academic and professional career. If you are an aspiring nurse facing misconduct charges, criminal charges, a Title IX investigation, or allegations of academic or other misconduct, you should consult an experienced student's rights attorney. Attorney Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm have helped nursing students through expansive issues and concerns, in part including misconduct hearings, dismissal proceedings, and Title IX actions at schools across the country. Contact the Lento Law Firm at (888) 535-3686 today for help.

To become a nurse, students work hard for four or more years, undergo rigorous clinical training, and face difficult licensing exams before beginning to work with patients. For graduate school, or to become a nurse practitioner, nurses face more school and specialized licensing and practice. After investing so much time and money into professional education, it can be frustrating to face disciplinary measures while in school.

An adverse disciplinary finding in school can derail a nurse's education and professional career. Whether you or your child is facing a charge of academic misconduct, a Title IX investigation, disciplinary issues, or any misconduct charge while in college, nursing school, or a graduate school program, you should consult an experienced attorney-adviser as soon as possible.

Student Disciplinary Issues for Nursing Students and Other Fundamental Concerns

Aspiring nurses can face several issues during their academic careers, including everything from Tit