Moravian College

Moravian College relies on a set of Community Standards to maintain a governance over its student body. The Community Standards are located within the College's Student Handbook. The Community Standards are kept in place to promote the idea of respect for the College Community. Violations of the tenets of the Community Standards will trigger the College's Judicial Proceedings. This is the process by which a student is "prosecuted" for their violations. Students who are found responsible will face sanctions as punishment for the violations.

When a student commits a violation, any member of the College community can begin the disciplinary process by filing charges against them. Following the filing of charges, an investigation will be conducted by the Associate Dean of Students. The Associate Dean of Students will also appoint the appropriate judicial body for the hearing. There are two types of judicial bodies that can hear and decide cases.

Discipline Review Committee: The Discipline Review Committee consists of volunteers. A judicial administrator will be assigned to present information for the case and lead the committee at hearings. The Committee is typically used for severe violations and cases where facts and events are complex and in dispute.

Director of Student Development: The Director of Student Development or a designee will be used for situations where there has already been an admission of responsibility, or in situations where the facts and events are relatively simple and without complications.

Moravian College Judicial Proceedings