Clinical Rotation Issues - Medical Students

Today's medical students are tomorrow's doctors.

The medical field has a lot of pressure on it to produce ethical, trustworthy, and upstanding practitioners. This makes sense: After all, if you're a patient, you want your medical professional to be someone you can have a trusting relationship with.

For medical students, this expectation can result in a lot of scrutiny. If you're a medical student, you might have already felt the weight of this expectation. You already know that your field has incredibly high professional standards.

If you find yourself involved in misconduct during a clinical rotation, you might wonder: Will that have any impact on your ability to practice your chosen career?

With your clinical rotations coming up, you do need to be aware that any related misconduct could impact your ability to continue on in your education. Now is the time to clear your record to make sure that your past doesn't impinge upon your future.

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What Are Clinical Rotations for Medical Students (and Why Are They Important?)

When you're a medical student, your education tends to get front-loaded with a lot of didactic, scientific coursework. Before you start to learn practical medical techniques, you'll learn about the history of medicine, human anatomy and practical pharmacology, and the theory behind techniques you'll later practice.

Before you graduate from medical school and begin your residency, you're going to need a chance to practice those theoretical skills in a more active setting. That's where clinical rotations come in. During a clinical rotation, a medical student has the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations.

Typically set during the last two years of a medical student's formal education, clinical rotations allow students to shadow residents and physicians at local healthcare establishments. This gives these students hands-on experience that will lay a good foundation for later expertise.

Clinical rotations also serve a few other functions. For example, the greater familiarity with real-life practice they provide will give a medical student a better idea of the niche or type of medicine they later want to practice. However, they also serve as a chance for supervisors to watch students very carefully. In a way, rotations serve as long-form interviews and as opportunities for students to network.

If you're embarking upon your rotations, you need to be aware that people will be watching your every move.

If you're involved in any misconduct during your rotation (or, to a lesser extent, if you have any misconduct at all in your past), you need to make sure - now - that it's taken care of. Otherwise, you might find that your school may curtail your ability to complete your all-important rotations.

Your Involvement with Misconduct and How It Might Affect Clinical Rotations

While it may seem clear that any irregular actions you perform during the course of your clinical rotations - e.g., professional misconduct - could disqualify you from completing your rotation, the fact of the matter is that any type of misconduct could present an issue. Your professional behavior while you're completing your clinical rotation could reflect your ability to act in a competent manner as an employed doctor. If there are any issues, your superiors will take note.

Even though they may not technically be related, other instances of misconduct may also gain the attention of your clinical rotation supervisors. The effect will be detrimental.

This is partially due to documentation: If your clinical rotation supervisors see that you have a disciplinary record, they might not bother to look much closer. After all, medical school is very competitive. If you have a history of any type of misconduct, your supervisors may very well just decide to give your rotation spot to someone who doesn't have any disciplinary action at all.

Especially if you're facing misconduct allegations right now, you need to take decisive action. The alternative is simply too steep a price for you to pay. As you're preparing for your school's disciplinary due process, speak with a qualified legal advisor. Your attorney-advisor will be able to assist with strategy, drafting documents, and aggressive representation all throughout your adjudicative process. This will be the best decision that you can make in order to work towards a favorable end.

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Medical students have everything to gain - and everything to lose.

If you're a medical student on the cusp of starting your clinical rotations, you've already put years into your future career. You've invested a lot of money into your dreams of becoming a doctor. With your clinical rotations, you're one step closer to the future that you've worked hard to achieve.

However, you need to complete those clinical rotations. Nothing can stand in your way of getting those done. If something does interfere with your ability to complete your rotations, your graduation, license, degree and career will all be in jeopardy.

Any missteps you may make during your experience can, unfortunately, have an outsized impact on your clinical rotations. That's why it's important to deal with your misconduct now, before it gets out of hand. Taking the time to make sure that your misconduct doesn't hit your permanent disciplinary record will be the best choice you can make for your future.

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