Medical School - University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Medicine (Las Vegas, NV)

The Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) emerged in 2014 as a launching pad for physicians in Nevada and beyond. The Kerkorian School's Charter Class graduated in May 2021, marking the first fleet of doctors to emerge from the newly formed medical program.

The UNLV School of Medicine “prepares a diverse student body for the delivery of patient-centered care and meaningful careers in clinical practice, research, and community service.” As part of this preparation, the Kerkorian School of Medicine holds students to:

  • High academic standard
  • High standards of professionalism

Prolonged poor academic performance or allegations of unethical behavior can threaten a medical student's graduation and career. If you are a student or resident at the Kerkorian School of Medicine facing possible dismissal or remediation, an experienced attorney-advisor will seek the most favorable outcome for you.

UNLV School of Medicine's Standards of Conduct and Academic Performance

Medical students at UNLV must be alert to both academic and ethical standards. Shortcomings in either of these categories could lead to remediation or dismissal.

UNLV's Stance on Academic and Professional Conduct

The Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine provides students a “Policy on Professionalism” to which they are expected to adhere faithfully. This policy specifically forbids:

  • “Failure to be truthful in all circumstances,” including instances of academic misconduct
  • Insubordination of authority
  • Inappropriate displays of emotion
  • Being insensitive towards patients and their family members
  • A variety of other acts and failures that pertain to the classroom and medical settings

Mandated performance improvement, dismissal, and remediation are possible consequences of unprofessional or dishonest conduct.

UNLV's Stance on Poor Academic Performance

UNLV aims to graduate medical students prepared to diagnose and treat potentially life-threatening conditions. Considering these high stakes, UNLV holds medical students to uncompromising academic standards.

UNLV literature explains that medical students will have to demonstrate proficiency in the following areas in order to matriculate:

  • Technical ability as a caregiver
  • Cognitive ability as a caregiver
  • Compassion and empathy as a caregiver
  • An understanding of medical ethics
  • Proper interaction and communication with faculty, staff, and other students
  • Physical and mental requirements of effective caregiving

Poor performance in any area could stall your graduation from the UNLV School of Medicine or even lead to dismissal. Before you face dismissal, you should have the option of completing academic performance improvement or remediation.

Remediation and Performance Improvement at UNLV School of Medicine

Academic remediation allows medical students to improve their performance outcomes before facing more damaging consequences like dismissal.

A document entitled “Performance Improvement and Remediation” details UNLV's remediation process. The document explains that:

  • Specific medical school departments identify students and residents who may require remediation
  • The medical school department must offer students “guidance, counseling, and supervision” as they seek improved performance outcomes
  • It's the student or resident's responsibility to follow UNLV's Remediation Plan

UNLV's Departmental Clinical Competency Committee determines when remediation is necessary. You and your attorney-advisor may first seek a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) rather than a Remediation Plan. A Remediation Plan “is generally reportable on licensing applications and credentialing forms,” while a PIP may not be.

Remediation is not the correct option for every medical student. Unfair academic or performance assessments befall some students. Other times, a simple misunderstanding may result in low marks. In such cases, appealing for a grade change may be the best option for the student.

The remediation process can be a second life for some students. For others, it is a mark on their academic records that they would prefer to avoid if possible. An attorney-advisor can review your case and determine which category your case falls within.


Students at the Kerkorian School of Medicine may face dismissal due to:

  • Prolonged poor academic performance
  • Failure to fulfill the non-academic requirements of a physician
  • Alleged academic dishonesty
  • Alleged unprofessionalism
  • Failure to abide by a university-issued PIP or Remediation Plan
  • Other circumstances

UNLV literature specifically cites “Dismissal or termination from the program” as a possible consequence of a failed PIP. UNLV’s Office of Student Conduct lists “Expulsion” as one sanction for academic misconduct. Therefore, both academic underperformance and unethical behavior can expose you to possible dismissal.

Dismissal is generally the worst-case scenario for any medical student. When a school like UNLV chooses to dismiss you from its program, you may:

  • Be unable (or find it extremely difficult) to gain admittance to another medical program
  • Be unable to obtain a medical degree
  • Be unable to become a licensed physician
  • Remain responsible for all loans and tuition costs from your time at the Kerkorian School

The personal and professional cost of dismissal is high. You want to avoid this outcome at all costs. An attorney-advisor's primary goal will be to ensure that you remain in the program.


UNLV permits you to appeal:

  • A recommendation that you participate in remediation
  • Academic or conduct-related sanctions other than dismissal
  • A decision of dismissal

You generally submit a written appeal to initiate the appeals process. In the case of remediation, you will generally submit your appeal to your Program Director or Department Chair. UNLV’s Academic Integrity Appeal Board typically handles cases of alleged academic dishonesty.

Appeals may require you to submit documentation, state the grounds for your appeal, and participate in hearings. Considering the potential harm of remediation or formal sanctions (including expulsion), taking these steps is almost always worthwhile.

Hire an Attorney-Advisor to Safeguard Your Medical Career

There is no such thing as a minor issue when it comes to medical school. Any potential threat to your good standing and academic record—whether it is remediation, a question regarding professionalism, potential dismissal, or otherwise—warrants a tireless defense.

Attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento will ensure that you receive the due process that you deserve. He has defended countless medical students across the United States from potentially harmful outcomes, and the Lento Law Firm will also fight for you.

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