Alaska Title IX Advisor for ROTC Students

Thousands of college and university students each year enter into a contract with the government known as the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). Those accepted into the program can receive tremendous benefits such as scholarships that pay for their college education. The students are also committing to a defined period of military service and are eligible to become a commissioned officer in their branch of service.

In Alaska, the ROTC curriculum is exclusively offered by the University of Alaska's Anchorage and Fairbanks campuses. Some of the advantages that are available to these students are as follows:

  • All ROTC coursework qualifies for academic credit
  • Students may have their tuition paid for three or four years
  • Out-of-state student tuition that is not paid for may be reduced to the in-state rates
  • The Alaska National Guard participates in these programs

What is Title IX?

Title IX was established in 1972 to address sexually-based discrimination in U.S. educational institutions. Compliance is needed for maintaining eligibility for federal education funding. Rape, battery, and other acts of sexual violence committed against the will of a victim are serious violations of Title IX. These are acts where the victim either has not granted consent or is incapable of granting consent to participate in sexual activity.

Acts of