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The Cabell Huntington Hospital medical residency program is part of Marshall University in West Virginia. As such, they believe in the importance of providing their students with a broad medical training and extensive education in the necessary fundamentals so that they can become informed and capable physicians. They hope that their residents will work hard towards creating a safe, culturally competent, patient-centered practice one day. Any student who is accepted to this program should feel incredibly proud of their efforts.

Unfortunately, there are instances when even the best student is faced with a disciplinary hearing or has been accused of some other misconduct. When this happens, the best thing you can do is hire an attorney-advisor to help advocate for you. Call Attorney Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm Team today.

Medical Resident Policies at Cabell Huntington Hospital

While other graduate programs are tough and exhausting, ones in the medical field are really the only ones where life and death are truly on the line. Thus, medical residency programs require their students to meet certain standards, both academically and professionally. Additionally, these standards are also meant to prevent students from committing acts that might lead to certain liabilities or embarrassments.

At Cabell Huntington Hospital, medical residents are supposed to strive to provide the best quality of care for their patients, which requires a compassionate, respectful, and ethical approach. If a resident violates this standard, the matter will be reviewed by the head of their program and the resident may be punished.

Some examples of types of behavior that would inhibit a resident's ability to provide their patients with quality care include:

  • Intimidation
  • Creating a hostile work environment
  • Ruining public confidence in the hospital
  • Harassment
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Violating patient confidentiality
  • Abusing power
  • Performing services without supervision or without the correct amount of knowledge or skill

Generally, if a student is found to have committed such conduct, the disciplinary hearing committee will choose a punishment that matches the severity of the behavior. For instance, if a student violates patient confidentiality in a way that is determined accidental, they could be given a citation. But if they are found to have sexually harassed a patient or colleague for a long period of time, they will more than likely be expelled from the program.

Either way, Attorney Lento can help you present a strong defense during these disciplinary hearings to ensure you receive the best possible outcome for your case.

Risks of Violating the Cabell Huntington Hospital Medical Resident Policies

When medical professionals make mistakes, it has a more drastic effect and can sometimes not be corrected in time. Because of this, medical residents are held to very high standards – especially by their program directors. If a student behaves out of turn or shows a lack of medical understanding, they run the risk of being dismissed from the program.

Sadly, even when students are found not responsible for the behavior, the negative experience of undergoing a dismissal hearing can stay with them. Some students may even choose to leave the program on their own. Either way, if they decide to pursue their residency elsewhere, it could be quite difficult for them to do so because medical residency programs are constantly working to protect their name and reputation. As such, when a student applies, the program will investigate their past with something like a fine-tooth comb. When they see that the student was removed, or voluntarily left, another program, they may decide to pass on their admission to preserve their reputation.

Additional risks for violating the standards at the Cabell Huntington Hospital medical residency program include losing your potential income. While medical residency programs don't tend to pay their residents much, most residents are holding out hope for their first post-residency position where their income should increase exponentially. Without the completion of a residency, medical professionals basically have no prospects and thus no potential future income to look forward to.

But don't fret. Attorney Lento has spent years helping medical residents around the country mitigate such negative consequences. If you have been accused of violating a hospital standard, Attorney Lento can help.

Protective Procedures for Cabell Huntington Hospital Medical Residents

Most medical residency programs follow detailed disciplinary hearing procedures when their students are accused of violating a specific hospital standard. While the specifics for such a hearing vary from program to program, they tend to include an informal investigation and meeting. If there is enough evidence to prove that a student has violated the policy, the program directors will usually schedule a more formal hearing. At this hearing, the student can present a strong defense, including questioning witnesses and submitting evidence – as well as cross-examining the other sides witness testimony and evidence.

The medical residency program at Cabell Huntington Hospital is no different. A report of adverse behavior is made to the program director. The program director will then conduct an informal investigation to decide when the resident has exhibited such behavior. If they find no basis for the accusation, they will close the issue. But if they determine that the accusation has a basis, they will either encourage the resident to engage in an informal review or a formal review.

If they decide to pursue an informal review, the student will be notified of what behavior is appropriate and provided with further guidance or monitoring. A formal review, on the other hand, is usually withheld for more egregious behavior and, as such, will result in a stricter resolution and punishments.

Winning Representation for Cabell Huntington Hospital's Medical Residents

Attorney Joseph D. Lento is the foremost medical resident defense attorney-advisor in the United States. He understands the nuances of medical residency program rules and expectations and can create a defense that truly protects you. Attorney Lento will work tirelessly to protect your place in the program, including reaching out to the hospital to speak to them on your behalf with the hope of allowing you to return to the program at some point to complete your medical residency. Call 888-535-3686 today or schedule a consultation online.