What are my rights if I am a student who was accused of sexually assaulting another student?

If you're a student who's accused of sexually assaulting another student at your college or university, it's going to largely fall under Title IX. There's other considerations as well. Your rights are going to be various. You're going to have rights under Title IX as articulated by the federal law, the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights. You're going to have rights under your school's policy as to how the Title IX case at your college or university will be adjudicated, how it will be responded to and addressed. To be more, say, theoretical in nature, you're also going to have due process rights if you attend a public university under the Constitution.

If you attend, say, a private or a public university, you're going to have contractual rights when you become a student at a university. When a university accepts you as a student, there's a contract between you and the institution. There's been a shift towards due process at private universities also. You have many rights. One of the most important considerations is that your rights are recognized. Unfortunately, colleges and universities are often in a rush to judgment. The only way to ensure that your rights are protected is to have an experienced attorney advisor in your corner from the start of the Title IX process.