Medical Residents – VCU Medical Center

Medical residencies are an exciting step as you begin your path as an MD. These programs allow you to gain hands-on experience while receiving training and mentorship and gaining essential knowledge. The institution where you start your residency program is critical for your success and future growth as a doctor. One such institution, VCU Medical Center, offers exceptional training and career advancement opportunities. It has 91 specialty programs and receives constant recognition for its commitment to healthcare and education, including numerous ACGME rewards.

VCU Medical Center has a long and rich history of helping residents and fellows hone and sharpen their skills. Construction started 184 years ago, in 1838, with high academic rankings in Allied Health Professions, Nursing, Medicine, and Pharmacy. It is the 2nd overall highest-ranking hospital in Virginia. You have many opportunities to learn and grow if your residency is at VCU Medical Center. These opportunities are possible because the institution dedicates much of its resources to shaping you into the doctor you always envisioned you would become.

Medical Resident Policies at VCU Medical Center

Although your residency program is a time where you continue to learn and perhaps make a few mistakes, policies exist to maintain quality control and patient safety. You will have to follow all the rules established within your program or face the consequences, such as discipline or dismissal. Multiple policies published on the VCU Medical Center website enforce the standards necessary to guide your growth and path. These policies address professionalism, timely progression, academic appeals, remediation, withdrawal, and dismissal. These meticulous expectations at VCU Medical Center allow you to become a more well-rounded, professional doctor now and in the future.

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