California Title IX Appeal Advisor

Title IX is a federal law that has become relatively controversial on college campuses. It's now commonly known as the legislation responsible for mandating resolution obligations upon schools for cases involving sexual misconduct. The gender-equity civil rights law generally forbids gender-based discrimination of all forms within any educational programs or activities funded by the government. The majority of schools in California receive federal funding, including most local colleges and universities. Therefore, these institutions implement and enforce Title IX policy on their campuses, penalizing students who have been found “responsible” for sexual harassment, sexual assault and other types of gender discrimination.

A student facing Title IX violation allegations may be exposed to serious sanctions such as a program withdrawal, suspension, or expulsion. If after an investigation and a hearing a student respondent has been found responsible for misconduct, he or she still has one last option to salvage their reputation and avoid tarnishing their academic record by submitting an appeal.

Your Right to Appeal

The appeals process was developed to check authority and to keep them accountable for the decisions they make. The appeal process in college settings works the exact same way, serving as a right for a student involved in disciplinary processes to use. For student respondents, this right comes in handy, especially in situations when they feel that a decision made by a school is unfair or unjustified. The bottom line is that fully understanding the right to appeal is incredibly important.

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