Student Defense Advisor - Albuquerque

When you sent your student off to their Albuquerque school, you did so with a full heart and high hopes. You perhaps weren't expecting their journey through education to be littered with challenging, frustrating disciplinary scenarios. You particularly weren't expecting that the stakes associated with your student's sanctions would be so high.

Today, if an Albuquerque student experiences exclusionary discipline, the damage to their reputation and educational future can be profound. After your student sustains discipline that makes it to their permanent records (such as their student transcript), they may find it much more complicated than necessary to get into the college of their dreams or even pursue the career of their choice.

You might hope that K-12 schools and even colleges and universities would be aware of the heightened pressure that this brings on students. Unfortunately, the social and educational goals at many schools push students beyond their limits, creating immense challenges. In other circumstances, schools make it more accessible than expected for one student to accuse another of misconduct. And then, when misconduct allegations arise, schools may unfairly suspend or expel the associated student instead of providing a fair trial.

Without the skilled, experienced representation of Joseph D. Lento, an experienced student defense attorney-advisor, you may not know what to do in these tense, high-stakes situations. With the winning representation of premier advisor Joseph D. Lento, you and your student stand the best chance of negotiating with your school and moving beyond unfair, frustrating, or unwarranted school allegations.

Student Defense in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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