International Student Issues

Colleges and universities across America have become a major draw for students worldwide over the years. Currently, at least 1 million international students are attending institutes of higher education across the United States. But when an international student gets accused of academic misconduct or violations of other student conduct policies, the dream of a prestigious degree can quickly turn into a nightmare. Often unaware of our cultural norms, legal structures, and the American approach to student discipline, an international student can quickly become overwhelmed. Without help, the student may face unfair discipline, negative academic marks, or even expulsion.

If you're an international student facing disciplinary action from a school you're attending here in the states, you need an experienced attorney advisor by your side who knows the system and can guide you through the process. Doing so could result in a more favorable outcome and possibly even rescue your career prospects.

Are International Students More Likely to Deal with Misconduct Allegations?

It may seem unfair—and probably is—but research shows that in American schools, international students have a higher probability of being accused of wrongdoing, especially on an academic level. Why are international students more susceptible to these allegations? There may be several fact