Facing Dismissal from Brown University

A diploma from Brown University will virtually guarantee you a successful career. You can't say that about a lot of schools.

However, there's a downside to going to such a prestigious university. The expectations for you are high. Brown expects you to succeed academically, and it demands you be the very best version of yourself you can. Those are tall orders.

In fact, there are lots of ways you can stumble as a Brown student. The trick is making sure that if you do, you don't fall. Joseph D. Lento, a national student defense attorney-advisor, is committed to making sure you don't. He's devoted his career to helping students just like you defend their rights and hang on to their dreams. If you're facing dismissal, or if you've already been dismissed, you owe to yourself to find out just what Joseph D. Lento can do for you.

Reasons for Dismissal at Brown University

There are dozens of reasons why Brown might dismiss you, everything from a hazing incident gone wrong to borrowing too liberally from a source. For the most part, though, all of them can be grouped into four basic categories.

  • Academic Performance: Job one as a student is to learn. Brown University is among the most innovative schools out there, and it does everything it can to make sure you can learn in a stress-free environment. Among other things, that means the school doesn't keep track of grade point averages. However, you're still expected to progress through your coursework. There are clear standards to meet in terms of how many courses you take each semester, and falling behind can lead to warnings, to suspension,