Kentucky Academic Appeal Advisor

Students in Kentucky who have been accused of cheating on a test, plagiarizing someone else's ideas, or committing another act of academic misconduct often feel like they can count on the investigation and hearing process to prove their innocence. However, that is not always what happens. Academic misconduct hearings are prone to error, and that means innocent students can face the serious repercussions of doing something that they did not do.

Appealing an adverse outcome at an academic misconduct hearing is essential, and academic appeal advisor Joseph D. Lento can help students do it in Kentucky.

Your Essential Right to Appeal an Academic Misconduct Decision

One of the most important parts about the academic misconduct hearing process is that students are guaranteed the right to appeal from one that finds them in violation of their Kentucky college's code of academic integrity. Colleges understand that the hearing panel is never going to be perfect and that aggrieved students should be able to appeal a case that the hearing panel got wrong.

With that said, though, colleges also want to keep as many cases as possible from being appealed to a higher hearing panel and flooding that level with reargued cases. Many of them set procedural obstacles in the way of students who want to appeal their case, forcing them to show that their case involved one of a small set of circumstances that warrant an appeal under the school's code of academic integrity. Fitting your appeal into one of these categories is not always easy, especially when your college requires a strong evidentiary showing in support of your claim. Making sure your appeal gets heard without hurting its chances of success is something that Joseph D. Lento can help with.