How do I prepare for a Title IX hearing in Utah?

If you're a student who attends a Utah college or university and you're facing a Title IX hearing, it's important to take necessary steps as early as possible in advance of the Title IX hearing itself. At a point in time during the course of the Title IX case, your school will present an investigation report. Prior to it being finalized, all relevant documentation, information and evidence would need to be incorporated into that final report. The report needs to be made as strong as possible, because it gets presented to the hearing panel. The hearing panel reviews it in advance of the hearing and would have a strong sense of the case prior to the hearing itself taking place. Attacking the accuser's credibility is key.

Questions would have to be prepared to be asked of the accuser and the accuser's witnesses. The accused and the accused's witnesses would have to be prepped and prepared accordingly for purposes of the hearing. Any potential pitfalls or missteps that could take place would have to be kept in mind in advance of the hearing. The hearing panel itself would have to be considered for potential bias or conflict of interest. An experienced attorney advisor can help an accused student throughout the process, but especially with respect to a Title IX hearing.