Attorney for Drew University Students

Drew University was established in 1867 in Madison, New Jersey and boasts an enrollment of more than 2,000 students. They have clearly defined policies that explain their expectations for student conduct. The administration is prepared to “impose appropriate sanctions” for acts of misconduct. The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is committed to ensuring that all students are afforded their rights to an educational environment that is “equitable and inclusive.”

How Legal Representation Can Protect Student Rights

College or university students and their families are often making considerable sacrifices to pursue a college education. This is a multi-year commitment of time and financial resources toward a better future. When allegations of disciplinary misconduct are made against a student, the potential sanctions and penalties may disrupt this goal.

Retaining an experienced student disciplinary attorney should be a priority once a respondent is made aware of the allegations. Why is this timing so critical? The administration may look to conclude any proceedings before the end of an upcoming term or semester. The student respondent may also wish to keep the process moving forward in hopes of relieving anxiety associated with the impending outcome.

A key aspect of your defense is preparation. To ensure thorough preparation, it is best to get started quickly. Your attorney will assist with clearly interpreting the school's specific policies and guidelines. All evidence should be reviewed and subjected to scrutiny. You should be primed to confidently respond to questions and to deliver effective statements.

Your attorney may also possibly engage the administration in negotiations that may result in a mutually acceptable resolution. The administration may be receptive to such discussions if they are also motivated to conclude the matter.

Student Rights Attorney

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