PSI Services and Online Cheating

With the fast-paced advancements in technology, data analysis, and artificial intelligence, IT offers better and more efficient solutions to multiple industries. Colleges and universities are jumping on the data systems bandwagon, especially with the online testing market's tremendous growth.

Remote proctoring platforms are rapidly gaining popularity for their ease-of-use and convenience. Still, they are problematic and cause erroneous flagging in many cases.

One platform, PSI, is currently offering online testing solutions to decrease instances of test fraud. While PSI's most pressing issue is student discomfort, the platform still accidentally flags students as cheating when they aren't. This action causes them to fail the exam and to get in trouble with school administrations.

Colleges and universities penalize students for test fraud regardless of the location of the exam. Without an appropriate defense strategy and an understanding of the system, students risk delaying graduation. They may need to go through a lengthy appeal process to receive justice, and some do not get to take a retest.

PSI Overview

Planned Systems International, Inc (PSI) is an IT solutions provider that provides services to professionals and students. To date, 750 institutions work with the provider to integrate technology into its online testing methodology. The system allows employers to assess and retain employees, provides licenses and certifications, helps people become proctors, and provides online testing services.

Not all of PSI's services are remote. In addition to remote proctoring, the platform also has global test centers in over 160 locations and offers non-proctored online assessments.

The platform uses PSI Bridge for online tests, allowing clients to customize the testing experience and security measures. Depending on the degree of security the client needs and the program's nature, the monitoring process can be lax or stringent.

Some of its main features include:

  • Multiple identify authorization processes.
  • Live proctoring and chat service.
  • Uses AI in tandem with live monitoring to assist proctors wi